Part III – Back-end development: Spring Roo and WebSockets

Remember the previous posts? (Building an information radiator: Part II – Front end development (HTML5 & CSS3)) We started off by explaining Walle’s architecture and the front-end development, but Walle has a lot of more cool technology under the hood: Spring Roo and WebSockets.

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Building an information radiator: Part II – Front end development (HTML5 & CSS3)

In my previous post (Part I – Introduction) I gave an introduction to Walle, Avisi’s information radiator. After making some high-level design decisions we started focussing on developing the front-end. When we got the final version of the visual design, it appeared that HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and websockets could make it work. This post shows some highlights of the HTML5 and CSS3 features we used.

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Building an information radiator: Part I – Introduction

Our company culture is based on transparency. As a consequence, visibility and measurement tools are essential to us. In the past, we built several dashboards for Confluence, JIRA, Sonar, Jenkins, Nagios, etc., because dashboards are excellent at making things visible for everyone. The problem with them however has been that they would usually display information for only one target audience at a time.

We then built Walle, an information radiator, to give insight into all the work disciplines combined (development, test, support and systems management). The main objectives behind the build were: to gather all the relevant project information in one central place; to enable anyone to react instantly when needed, to make everyone involved feel responsible for the entire project.

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Ultimate Wallboard Contest

*UPDATE* We actually won Atlassian’s Ultimate Wallboard contest as the Community Favorite!

A big thank you to everyone who voted for us!

You can read the official announcement and the retrospective interview on Atlassian’s blog.


We have just submitted our entry to the ultimate wallboard contest. Check it out here and vote for us!

Here’s a high detailed screenshot of our wallboard.