Using Pixelapse as a designer among developers

As a designer, I’m a minority at Avisi. Other than some occasional HTML & CSS, I don’t work with code. I don’t touch my Terminal every day and I certainly don’t push to git every single week. Instead, I use software like Axure and Adobe Cloud to create graphics, wireframes, logo’s and other useful design stuff that my colleagues need.

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Document XML Schemas in Confluence, the Easy Way!

Documenting an XML Schema Definition (XSD) can be a tiring process. You first load a file in an XSD viewing tool like XMLSpy, you then make screenshots of the areas of the definition you want to display and finally, you paste them into your documentation. Of course you have to repeat the entire process whenever the file changes in any way.

Avisi prides itself on being a cutting edge development organization so we felt strongly we needed to find a solution to this problem. Since we use Confluence as our documentation platform we chose to build a Confluence plugin: the XSD Viewer for Confluence.

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Oracle Hugger Goes MySQL

I started working with Oracle databases in 1997. Ever since a former employer switched from Sybase to Oracle 8. Back then, databases were new and somewhat intimidating to me. Having just recently come up to speed with Sybase, after working with it for a few months, I now found myself suddenly transported into Oracle-land and told to forget about all things Sybase. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it at all. I felt lost.

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Hard Tokens – A Brief Update

For almost a year now I’ve been testing a Yubikey hard token. Basically, it’s USB-key that adds strong two factor authentication to the process of logging in to my computer. You can check out my previous blog post on exploring hard tokens and the need for better identity management.

Now it’s time to update you on my experiences thus far…

Big Data – Not Just a Size Issue

Today, many companies face an ever growing pool of data they need to store. Data such as logging user activity, audit feeds, marketing data, user analysis data and so forth… Whatever the case, large amounts of data are no longer the exclusive realm of the Googles and Microsofts of the world.

More and more companies realize they need to tackle the challenges raised by Big Data wether it’s for the present or for the future.

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IT Quality – Less tools, more collaboration

Ok, so we all understand that building great software requires a lot more than just a bunch of super skilled nerds producing superb code (see my previous post on the subject). It’s all about teamwork – about dedicated people from all disciplines collaborating efficiently throughout the entire software project lifecycle.

But how is this best achieved when each discipline uses different tools?

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