Een software audit: Wanneer en waarom?

Soms kan het voorkomen dat er, als gevolg van hooggespannen verwachtingen of veranderende marktomstandigheden, noodzaak ontstaat om eens kritisch te kijken naar de staat van een softwareproduct. Het is dan raadzaam om analytisch en objectief te kijken naar zaken als de codekwaliteit, kwaliteit van de architectuur, schaalbaarheid of het softwareontwikkelproces.  Continue reading

Using personas in software testing

Meet ‘grandmother’ Wilhelmina Petronella van der Linden-Zaagsma. Born on a leap day (February 29, 1928), she was bound to become a very special lady. She is a loving and caring person and especially freehanded. She visits her notary frequently to include new charities to her ever growing will. She lives in a sheltered housing apartment in Arnhem, is a widow to the late Titus van der Linden and has two children, as well as a couple of grandchildren.

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Apache Camel’s Scala DSL explored


Some weeks ago a client approached us because he wanted some assistance with his IT infrastructure. The client has many systems that interact with each other and are quite tightly coupled. Due to some upcoming changes in their business, the time had come to start thinking about how to improve their architecture. One of the goals of the project was that they wanted the ability to decouple the systems so that they could change systems independently of each other. Our solution ended up being a really powerful combination of Apache Camel and Scala.

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Fun and Teamwork!

Quality software, qualified personel, staying up to date with the newest technologies, delivering better and faster, always learning, always improving, always striving to making better software… Those are just some of the things Avisi stands for. If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you would know these things are an important part of our lives!

But what about the human factor? Maybe that’s not adressed in these pages enough… But man is it important!

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Valori automated testing event – Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server and TrendIC’s Citratest

Yesterday, march 6th 2012, my colleague Barri Jansen and I attended Valori’sthema avond” (theme night). The subject for the evening was “New generation software for automated testing”. The event was held at Microsoft headquarters in the Netherlands, which is located almost on top of the runway at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

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