How to do team management in JIRA

JIRA is used within a great number of teams as an agile issue tracking tool. In bigger companies different scrum teams will use the same tool to manage the company backlog. Program or project management often set up a corporate backlog of issues from which tasks are distributed across the different teams.

But teams are not an entity in Jira. So how should you go about distributing tasks between your different teams in JIRA? This post describes several solutions to that problem that we use ourselves and have seen in the field.

That said, we are very much interested in your solutions, so let us know what they are in the comments below!

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Agile Applications Lifecycle Management; a discussion

As an Atlassian experts, we are often asked to help teams implement their development process in the Atlassian tools. Often, there are many questions in the area of Applications Lifecycle Management (ALM). This inspired us to invite a few of the bigger Dutch companies to discuss the topic further.

In line with our Agile Software Architecture Symposium, we value knowledge sharing. We felt that discussing the subject with a small group of experts and users would benefit all the parties involved.

The group was made up of 6 large companies that are currently in the process of implementing Agile Applications Lifecycle Management and 6 consultants that work in the area of ALM.

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Scrum – A View From the Other Side

I have been working in Scrum teams for quite some time now, and I am a big fan of the method. One thing I always wondered about however is why product owners seem to change their minds so often after a sprint delivery.

The last few months I got the chance to experience Scrum from the product owner’s side and it really confirmed the value of the method to me and also taught me a valuable lesson…

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Managing your software inventory

At Avisi we are using Scrum more and more on our development teams. And just now I ran into this interesting blog post on software inventory. Typical Scrum activities are organizing the backlog or planning a sprint. These are exactly the activities that are dealing with the inventory of a Scrum team. With the new GreenHopper 6, managing your inventory becomes an easy task.

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