Purple Pancakes

This weekend me and the kids decided to do something different. Something a bit crazy. We decided to make purple pancakes. At the grocery store we bought some purple coloring, and after making the batter we added some purple to it (and yes, I knew the kids might get a bit overexcited from this, but sometimes you have to take the risk).

The intended effect really came to life and Saturday evening we ate some delicious deep purple pancakes!

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Reversing the vicious cycle of bad IT results

Last week my colleague Yanne Veronneau wrote a piece on this blog about avoiding the vicious cycle of bad IT results (I strongly suggest you read it – and also check out the original article by Bob Lewis from IT Catalysts that inspired it. Good stuff).

Anyway, it’s been a bit of a hot topic around the office since then. And it got me thinking about the people that aren’t so lucky that they can avoid that awful situation to begin with… Some people believe that the relationship between Business and IT is doomed to be a bad one, but please believe me, it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Avoiding the vicious cycle of bad IT results

I recently came across a brilliant piece by Bob Lewis from IT Catalysts about breaking the vicious cycle of bad IT results.

I’m going to try and sum it up here and give our take on it, but I really urge you to go ahead and read it right here.

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