Een software audit: Wanneer en waarom?

Soms kan het voorkomen dat er, als gevolg van hooggespannen verwachtingen of veranderende marktomstandigheden, noodzaak ontstaat om eens kritisch te kijken naar de staat van een softwareproduct. Het is dan raadzaam om analytisch en objectief te kijken naar zaken als de codekwaliteit, kwaliteit van de architectuur, schaalbaarheid of het softwareontwikkelproces.  Continue reading

Safeguarding ambitious growth plans towards the year 2020

Recently, we got a performance benchmark assignment via one of our valued partners, a worldwide leader in IT research and advisory. One of their clients had very ambitious growth plans towards the year 2020, and was eager to know whether their main B2B trading platform would be able to handle their growth plans. The growth comes from both new business models and consolidation efforts of their trading platforms. Continue reading

Consistent performance testing with Oracle, is it possible?

Ever wanted to improve a badly performing Oracle 11 database, or parts of it? How would you know for sure the performance improved for end users?

An Oracle database is a complex entity. It has all sorts of mechanisms to improve and optimize performance, like caching results, creating and caching execution plans, caching dictionaries, etc. When measuring query times, often the first attempt will take several seconds, while next attempts only takes a few milliseconds. That is because Oracle caches almost everything during that first attempt. In the real world though, where databases are under heavy use, caches expire. Performance is based upon first and second attempts together. This means, the more diversified the queries, the less advantage you get from caching.

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Oracle Hugger Goes MySQL

I started working with Oracle databases in 1997. Ever since a former employer switched from Sybase to Oracle 8. Back then, databases were new and somewhat intimidating to me. Having just recently come up to speed with Sybase, after working with it for a few months, I now found myself suddenly transported into Oracle-land and told to forget about all things Sybase. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it at all. I felt lost.

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Fun and Teamwork!

Quality software, qualified personel, staying up to date with the newest technologies, delivering better and faster, always learning, always improving, always striving to making better software… Those are just some of the things Avisi stands for. If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you would know these things are an important part of our lives!

But what about the human factor? Maybe that’s not adressed in these pages enough… But man is it important!

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As developers we always work towards the best possible experience for the end-user. Performance is a very important part of that experience. So to insure the performance is up to par, we run countless tests measuring TPS (Transactions Per Second). Because of this, I’ve developed a certain affinity with the whole concept of events per second…

So when I stumbled upon an Apple press release a little while ago and it stated that they sold 46.9 million iOS devices in the 2nd quarter of 2012 alone, it incited me to do some math…

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