“Hiring in the DARC ages”

The title of this post is quoted from the book ‘Inbound Marketing’ by Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah. This great book discusses marketing in the internet age and offers lots of practical tips. One of the chapters focuses on hiring new marketeers for your company based on what the authors refer to as the DARC framework.

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5 tips to find a great software marketer

Software marketing must be the easiest thing to do. Everything from the offering to the actual delivery takes place online. And we’ve got awesome tools to reach out to people  today. So why exactly is it so hard to find a good software marketer?

Here is a list of 5 things to consider when looking for a software marketer:

  • Start marketing before you hire the first marketer. Start using social media, blog, go to events, organize events, be creative. Fail often, it is the only way to learn what you are looking for in the person you are going to hire.
  • Don’t look for a social media rock star (only). Social media often is about shouting and it’s very hard to turn that into marketing.
  • Look for someone that understands your product or service. THAT is where the marketing starts: a good product. Succes, including the success of the use of social media, is about the product.
  • Look for a facilitator. But also check if they are willing to help stuff the boxes if goodies need to be sent out or to make coffee for that important breakfast session that was organized. Someone that goes the extra mile (not to be confused with extra hours).
  • Don’t expect the marketer to do the marketing. What is that? We are looking for somebody to do the work aren’t we? Well, she can’t. At least, not on her own. You are not excused when it comes to marketing tasks. Every single person on your team is part of the marketing.

Did these tips work for us? I can’t tell: we are still looking. If you are interested or do know somebody that is, let me know!

If you need a bigger list, go see Seth Godin’s list.