Eurostar 2011 – Interesting Books, software and websites

Last week we attended all Eurostar 2011 keynotes and many presentations (tracks). We came back home with lots of useful information!

Most of it we already shared in our previous Eurostar 2011 blogs:

Besides all that though, we also got some great tips about books, websites and software. We thought we’d share those too…

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Day 2 at Eurostar 2011 (Manchester England)

The conference starts at 08:30, it’s a 15 minute walk, we need to be on-time, leave hotel at 08:00. So breakfast at 07:30, alarm set at 07:00. Again, this feels pretty early, but the nice thing is my body still is used to the GMT+1 timezone. So alarm set at 07:00 (GMT) for me feels like sleep-in.

Now lets talk conference.

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Day 1 at Eurostar 2011 (Manchester England)

We’re serious about testing here, so we try and attend the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference every year, as it is the most successful and widely acknowledged gathering of European Software Testing Professionals to date.

Preparing for Machester

The Eurostar conference 2011 in Manchester starts at 13:30. So flying in the morning should be quite alright. We thought. Departure from Schiphol Airport is at 09:50. Seems more than reasonable. Let’s see… check-in at the airport, be there 45 min. early. Ok, now lets check the timetable for the train. We’ve 1 train switch. Hmmm… better add a bit more time, just in case… So, decided to take the train at 06:52, but first needed to meet a colleague at home, so that’s 06:30 then. So add another 20 minutes to get there… All-in-all, I need to get up at about 05:30… what!? Man, that’s freaking early!

Schiphol Airport

We’re right on time and waiting at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. Taking a cup of coffee (or 4), waiting for the KL1081 to board.

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