Your world gets smaller, so venture beyond it!

When I was a little kid my parents often took my little brother and I to a sand quarry to play or pick berries; later, when I was in my early teens, we spent summer holidays near an active drifting sand plain. These places looked huge then; a trek across the sand felt like an expedition into unknown territory, the slopes of the quarry looked like enormous cliffs…

Around the same time, I started programming. First in MSX Basic, then in Z80 assembly. This was a magic time of discovery, having a machine printing out text to you, drawing images and animations, and making sounds (and combining those to devise an intruder alarm for your room, scaring mom!). It gave me a feeling of great accomplishment.

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Oracle Hugger Goes MySQL

I started working with Oracle databases in 1997. Ever since a former employer switched from Sybase to Oracle 8. Back then, databases were new and somewhat intimidating to me. Having just recently come up to speed with Sybase, after working with it for a few months, I now found myself suddenly transported into Oracle-land and told to forget about all things Sybase. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it at all. I felt lost.

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Techdays: January 2012 – Mendix

This is the first in a series of summaries of our monthly “Techday” events. We organize them because we like to stay sharp and have fun. Check out our previous blog post about why we do techdays.

The first techday of 2012 was about Mendix. Mendix is both a company and a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. FraternIT demonstrated how simple it is to create a new application in Mendix. After a short introduction, we got to try it out for ourselves.

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