Atlassian add-on development: Why we started over and chose for Cloud

Last year we started working on a new add-on for Atlassian JIRA. After months of work we decided to drop everything and start over on a relatively new platform, JIRA Cloud. This was a radical decision that definitely kept us up at night. This short story is about this decision.

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Creating JIRA tasks right out of Apple Mail

Being a developer and lecturer I have lots of things on my mind, never a dull moment during programming, coaching or teaching. I sometimes feel like a juggler trying to keep as much as balls in the air as possible, so a few years ago I decided to adopt the Getting Things Done time-management method and apply it to my mailbox. Continue reading

How to do team management in JIRA

JIRA is used within a great number of teams as an agile issue tracking tool. In bigger companies different scrum teams will use the same tool to manage the company backlog. Program or project management often set up a corporate backlog of issues from which tasks are distributed across the different teams.

But teams are not an entity in Jira. So how should you go about distributing tasks between your different teams in JIRA? This post describes several solutions to that problem that we use ourselves and have seen in the field.

That said, we are very much interested in your solutions, so let us know what they are in the comments below!

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Scaling Agile in the Enterprise

Summit13Atlassian Summit was a while ago already. It was during the event that I presented a way to implement the Scaled Agile Framework in JIRA. The full video of my talk can be found in the Atlassian Summit archives.

During my Summit talk, I discussed three enterprise challenges when scaling Agile; process and documentation culture, underestimation of planning effort and managing a complicated infrastructure. There certainly is a lot to say on all three topics!

In this blog post, I would like to dive a bit deeper into the planning effort when scaling agile and how to track progress by using Atlassian JIRA.
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