Een software audit: Wanneer en waarom?

Soms kan het voorkomen dat er, als gevolg van hooggespannen verwachtingen of veranderende marktomstandigheden, noodzaak ontstaat om eens kritisch te kijken naar de staat van een softwareproduct. Het is dan raadzaam om analytisch en objectief te kijken naar zaken als de codekwaliteit, kwaliteit van de architectuur, schaalbaarheid of het softwareontwikkelproces.  Continue reading

Choices we haven’t regretted

A year ago we started on the new MoreApp platform. Its predecessor was more of a proof of concept that was sold to some customers. It was time to build a stable, better performing and more user-friendly application that would be ready for the next phase of the product. Since then, we’ve had to make some (technological) choices, and I’d like to take a moment to review some of them so that you might benefit from it, should you ever be in a situation that we were in a year ago.
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Trusted-Library fail

Since Java 7u21 Oracle introduced a new manifest attribute called Trusted-Library. One would use this attribute to handle mixed code [1] in Java applets or Java Webstart applications.

Now before you stop reading… I know applets aren’t the greatest tech out there. As a matter of fact I encourage everyone to avoid using this tech whenever possible! But there are some niche cases where applets are still the only viable solution. For example if you’re dealing with PKI smartcards in a webapp: there’s no cross-platform/cross-browser solution other than Java applets for accessing smartcards in a webapp, at least for now. Continue reading

Trends at Devoxx 2013

Every year there is a large (mostly Java related) software engineering conference in Antwerp Belgium, named Devoxx.

Together with several Avisi engineers we visited Devoxx to learn about new technologies, meet other engineers from all over Europe and have fun together.

For me, these are the trends / highlights at Devoxx:

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JDBC datasource password encryption in JBoss AS7

At Avisi we maintain an application platform where the platform (VM’s, databases, LDAP, etc.) is maintained by a third party. Modernizing our deployment processes, we obtained ownership of the platform’s configuration. This brought up a practical issue: we don’t know the passwords used by the applications to connect to the services provided by the platform (database, LDAP). In fact, we aren’t allowed to know these passwords since that would break the SLA with the platform provider.

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JBoss AS7.1 and RESTEasy: upgrading Jackson

We’re currently in the process of upgrading our application platform from JBoss 5.1.0 to JBoss AS7.1.1. Since it’s quite a big change (especially the transition from AS6 to AS7) things tend to break where you don’t expect them to. When writing blog posts, I like to present solutions for problems I encounter in my everyday engineering tasks… So here we go!

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Mats Stijlaart on plugin frameworks

This is the next post in our series about the interns that currently work at Avisi. This time we introduce Mats Stijlaart. The Atlassian plugin framework is used on several projects to enable seamless extensions. Mats’s assignment is all about finding an alternative for, or confirm the choice of, the Atlassian plugin framework.

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