IT Quality – Less tools, more collaboration

Ok, so we all understand that building great software requires a lot more than just a bunch of super skilled nerds producing superb code (see my previous post on the subject). It’s all about teamwork – about dedicated people from all disciplines collaborating efficiently throughout the entire software project lifecycle.

But how is this best achieved when each discipline uses different tools?

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Socializing your Intranet with Confluence

I attended a very interesting conference recently where participants got to peak into each other’s Intranets. Getting such insight into the confidential digital workplace was very revealing indeed. One of our clients was invited to speak, so I thought I’d tag along and see what I could learn.

I was quite surprised that the majority of the Intranets we saw were used primarily as a means to broadcast the corporate line. It seems that usually, a communication department controls the majority of what’s being published. Not surprisingly then, the biggest concern for most participants was attracting users to the Intranet in the first place, then getting them to interact with each other.

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