Seamless development workflow with Git and Atlassian

As Atlassian experts we rely heavily on Atlassian products for our day to day work. Our workflow makes use of Git, Stash, Confluence, JIRA and JIRA Agile, amongst others. It so happens that the folks at Atlassian just recently released a product pack which offers you essentially the same seamless experience. It’s called Git Essentials.

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Atlassian Stash – new product, first experience

Stash Logo
On may 1st 2012, Atlassian released a new product called Stash. Stash is a Git repository manager. People that know Atlassian would say “Hey, isn’t it the same as FishEye?”. Well no, it’s not the same. FishEye is for looking at ALL of your source code, in any source repository. Stash is a repository manager for Git only. So how is it different then?

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Putting Talend Open Studio projects under version control

When you are working on OS X (I’m not sure if other OS’es have the same issue) your Talend Open Studio workspace is located here:


That’s right, the workspace is placed inside, which isn’t a very convenient place.

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Push based builds using Jenkins and GIT

Recently we switched to Git as our Version Control System solution and I still like it. Coming from “(good) old” CVS we used Jenkins as CI server polling CVS for changes. Besides other nice features and advantages, Git also brings nice commit hooks (well, CVS also does but I finally got to use this nice feature).

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Staging deployments with GIT


Git is a great way to implement deployments to your staging environments. It is flexible, fast and efficient. It is ideal for development and test environments that require fast roundtrips (while acceptation and production environments may require a more rigid process). Here’s a quick setup guide…

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