AUI and Add-ons design

AUI AvatarWhen we create an add-on for one of the Atlassian products, we want to create an experience that feels integrated into the Atlassian platform. This is why we’ve decided to as stay close to the Atlassian style guide, also known as AUI, as possible. We’re glad we made this decision as we think it provides the best experience to our users and we’re not going to change our tactics anytime soon. But we have experienced that this is not always an easy path to follow.

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Building user interfaces with colour blind users in mind

The goal of this blogpost is to give developers a heads-up on colour blindness and some simple steps on how to deal with it. If you’re already familiar with this and are looking for detailed research on colour blindness, this post is probably not for you.

1 in 12 men is colour blind

According to the Colour Blind Awareness website, approximately 4.5% of the entire population is colour blind of which most are men. So the chance that a colour blind person uses your software is very, very big. Luckily there are a few easy steps that we can take to make sure that our interfaces work, even when some users don’t see (the right) colours.

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Using Pixelapse as a designer among developers

As a designer, I’m a minority at Avisi. Other than some occasional HTML & CSS, I don’t work with code. I don’t touch my Terminal every day and I certainly don’t push to git every single week. Instead, I use software like Axure and Adobe Cloud to create graphics, wireframes, logo’s and other useful design stuff that my colleagues need.

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Software Architect 2011 – an attendee’s impressions

On October 19th and 20th I attended the Software Architect 2011 conference in London. The conference was intended for technical architects and the published list of topics really made me want to go there to get some fresh ideas and inspiration about development in general and technical architecture in particular.

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