Tools for building a real time analytics platform

Recently I did a bit of research on tools that are often mentioned in articles about ‘big data’ and real time analytics. Through this article I hope to provide some insight in how some of those tools might be used together to build a real time analytics platform. The tools I used in this particular case are Storm and Apache Camel.
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Lessons learned from using Apache Camel, MTOM and JMS

Recently, I did a project that involved sending messages from a database or file system to a SOAP service. Because it solves a lot of integration problems, I chose Apache Camel to handle the integration challenges with the various components.

During the implementation of the project I learned a few things that I would now like to share with you. Hopefully it will be useful to you.
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Apache Camel’s Scala DSL explored


Some weeks ago a client approached us because he wanted some assistance with his IT infrastructure. The client has many systems that interact with each other and are quite tightly coupled. Due to some upcoming changes in their business, the time had come to start thinking about how to improve their architecture. One of the goals of the project was that they wanted the ability to decouple the systems so that they could change systems independently of each other. Our solution ended up being a really powerful combination of Apache Camel and Scala.

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Configuring Camel to use HornetQ 2.2.13 in JBoss AS 7.1.1

JBoss AS 7.1.1 has version 2.2.13 of the HornetQ messaging server built-in. I needed to use JMS for a Camel route from outside the container and found that configuring and using HornetQ is not really difficult. It can be confusing however, mainly because the documentation and examples I found often refer to a different version of either HornetQ or JBoss AS. In the end I got it to work; to save you the trouble of having to find it all out by yourself, I thought I’d write a walk-through of the process…

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