Software Development Without Relations

No, this post is not about the relationships between developers. They are normal people too. It is more about the fact that, for over 20 years already since the rise of OO languages like Java, developers are still trying to get data into relational database tables. Of course there are libraries like Hibernate that do the Object to Relational Mapping (ORM) for you, but in the end you’re still trying to create a (3rd form normalised) relational structure that fits with your real world objects. Oh, and next to that you’re trying to get the data back into your application in such a way that it still performs well.

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Trends at Devoxx 2013

Every year there is a large (mostly Java related) software engineering conference in Antwerp Belgium, named Devoxx.

Together with several Avisi engineers we visited Devoxx to learn about new technologies, meet other engineers from all over Europe and have fun together.

For me, these are the trends / highlights at Devoxx:

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Tools for building a real time analytics platform

Recently I did a bit of research on tools that are often mentioned in articles about ‘big data’ and real time analytics. Through this article I hope to provide some insight in how some of those tools might be used together to build a real time analytics platform. The tools I used in this particular case are Storm and Apache Camel.
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Big Data – Not Just a Size Issue

Today, many companies face an ever growing pool of data they need to store. Data such as logging user activity, audit feeds, marketing data, user analysis data and so forth… Whatever the case, large amounts of data are no longer the exclusive realm of the Googles and Microsofts of the world.

More and more companies realize they need to tackle the challenges raised by Big Data wether it’s for the present or for the future.

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