Testing with Selenium & Saucelabs

A very important part of our software development cycle is functional testing. Luckily, functional testing techniques have evolved tremendously since the dark days of old school testing. Back then, testing was done with countless Excel sheets each having multiple tabs that reflected all the individual scenarios. Each tab looked a bit like this:

  1. Goto web-page: http://myincredibletestproject.com
  2. Click on the login link
  3. Enter username: test
  4. Enter password: secret
  5. Click login button
  6. Verify response: “Failed to login. Invalid credentials.”

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Valori automated testing event – Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server and TrendIC’s Citratest

Yesterday, march 6th 2012, my colleague Barri Jansen and I attended Valori’sthema avond” (theme night). The subject for the evening was “New generation software for automated testing”. The event was held at Microsoft headquarters in the Netherlands, which is located almost on top of the runway at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

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Automating the problem

My colleague Gert-Jan wrote an excellent post on Solving the right problem (link).

A lot of times, businesses are automating the problem, not solving the problem. They make recreating the problem more efficient and ensure it will be produced with a measurable lack of business value.

Look at your business process first. Where is the real problem? How could you solve the problem by using paper? Can it be done smarter? Use automation for making your paper solution more efficient. Not for automating your problem.