Atlassian add-on development: Why we started over and chose for Cloud

Last year we started working on a new add-on for Atlassian JIRA. After months of work we decided to drop everything and start over on a relatively new platform, JIRA Cloud. This was a radical decision that definitely kept us up at night. This short story is about this decision.

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Keep your JIRA workflows clean and simple

When we started using JIRA we created workflows that reflected our working processes. These first workflows were simple but a bit constrictive. For example when you started work on an issue (status in Progress), you could not transition it back to Open, only to on-Hold. And generally speaking, that’s what we wanted, but what about when you make a mistake? We all press buttons too quickly once in a while!


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Remote Apps for Atlassian OnDemand

Since Atlassian released their OnDemand platform, customers have been asking for more plugins to be made available there. Until now, only 7 plugins are offered on the new platform.

The current approach of in-VM plugins incurs a very high cost in development, QA, and support time. This is due to tight coupling and increased security and stability risks.

The Atlassian Remote Apps project aims to bring the benefit of third-party extensibility to OnDemand by dramatically lowering the costs and risks related to third-party code.

We investigated the possibilities to setup a remote app for enabling Numbered Headings for OnDemand. Here are our findings…

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