Architecture vs. Agile; a different philosophy?

Recently I was invited to join a discussion forum to discuss the relationship between architecture and an agile software development process. During the talk with the person that invited me, we talked about what to expect. Then he mentioned students asking the question how architecture and agile relate and he spoke the phrase: “In theory they don’t. They are really a different philosophy.” That triggered a thought train in my head that kept me thinking for some days. Because is it really a different philosophy? In my opinion it is a different craftsmanship.

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Forget about titles – follow up

Gert-Jan wrote a blogpost about ‘Forget about titles’ yesterday, in which he writes about the responsibility of the team. He said that members of a team should help each other out when they’ve finished their work, even if that means they have to help out with work they’re not used to do.

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