Gardening in Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS). Our closing keynote

October 14th we’ll be hosting the fourth edition of our Agile and Software Architecture Symposium (ASAS). Viktor Grgic will be our closing keynote speaker.

Viktor is an Agile coach, architect and developer. He has trained architects and teams, introduced Scrum and occupied the architecture role in many companies such as KvK, Municipality of Amsterdam,, ProRail, Port of Rotterdam and Sdu Uitgevers.  Continue reading

Crash course interface design: join us on May 28th!

techdaysAt Avisi, we like to stay sharp, share knowledge and have fun. That’s why we organize our so called Techdays every last Thursday of the month. The goal is to create a relaxed setting where we can all learn about and/or share new found technologies, techniques or methods.

Next week, our Interaction/UX Designer Maarten will host a crash course in interface design. We’re going to discuss some simple and usable things to help you on your way to build (more) beautiful interfaces. And: you’re invited!

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Avisi at INTEGRATE F2F meetup

This week, we’re in the beautiful (and snowy) town of Avezzano, Italy. Although it’s a lovely city with great food, parks and an even greater scenery, it’s actually a business trip. We’re here for the annual face-to-face meetup with our international partners of the INTEGRATE project. For those of you unfamiliar with this European Union-funded project, let’s start off with a small introduction.

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Trends at Devoxx 2013

Every year there is a large (mostly Java related) software engineering conference in Antwerp Belgium, named Devoxx.

Together with several Avisi engineers we visited Devoxx to learn about new technologies, meet other engineers from all over Europe and have fun together.

For me, these are the trends / highlights at Devoxx:

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My top new add-ons from Atlassian Summit 2013

Summit13Here it is, the blog post I promised about the coolest new add-ons released during Atlassian Summit 2013. To be clear, these are the add-ons I personally found most interesting and also had time to look into.

They are either entirely new add-ons or they offer significant new features for the existing ones.
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Summit 2013 announcements

Mike announcing Service DeskToday was the big day for Atlassian Summit 2013 with the opening keynote where all the big announcements were made. Co-founders and co-ceo’s Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes traditionally open the summit and this year they had yet again cool stuff to announce. Here is a brief overview of the all new things announced. More in-depth analysis of all the new stuff is coming over the next couple of days.

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Avisi @ Atlassian Summit 2013

Summit13 Avisi is attending Atlassian Summit in San Francisco this week. A week full of announcements, meeting other add-on vendors and experts and talking to users of the products. It will be an exiting event!

The week started on monday with an experts day where experts were given a preview of the big announcements of today. See keep tuned to see all the cool announcements on this blog later this week. And we wouldn’t be a real technical company if we didn’t try out the new stuff that is coming already.

So stay tuned!

Agile Applications Lifecycle Management; a discussion

As an Atlassian experts, we are often asked to help teams implement their development process in the Atlassian tools. Often, there are many questions in the area of Applications Lifecycle Management (ALM). This inspired us to invite a few of the bigger Dutch companies to discuss the topic further.

In line with our Agile Software Architecture Symposium, we value knowledge sharing. We felt that discussing the subject with a small group of experts and users would benefit all the parties involved.

The group was made up of 6 large companies that are currently in the process of implementing Agile Applications Lifecycle Management and 6 consultants that work in the area of ALM.

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