Cross-platform certificate access with Cordova part 2 – iOS

In my previous post we took a look at accessing Android’s installed certificates through a Cordova plugin. Creating a Cordova plugin and only supporting Android hardly makes sense, so this post will focus on adding support for iOS.

In order to add iOS support you will need basic Objective-C knowledge for the native implementation and at times a healthy amount of creativity. Unlike Android you will not find out-of-the-box support for certificate access on iOS, most likely there aren’t enough use cases to convince Apple to support this the same way Android does. Continue reading

Een software audit: Wanneer en waarom?

Soms kan het voorkomen dat er, als gevolg van hooggespannen verwachtingen of veranderende marktomstandigheden, noodzaak ontstaat om eens kritisch te kijken naar de staat van een softwareproduct. Het is dan raadzaam om analytisch en objectief te kijken naar zaken als de codekwaliteit, kwaliteit van de architectuur, schaalbaarheid of het softwareontwikkelproces.  Continue reading

Architecture vs. Agile; a different philosophy?

Recently I was invited to join a discussion forum to discuss the relationship between architecture and an agile software development process. During the talk with the person that invited me, we talked about what to expect. Then he mentioned students asking the question how architecture and agile relate and he spoke the phrase: “In theory they don’t. They are really a different philosophy.” That triggered a thought train in my head that kept me thinking for some days. Because is it really a different philosophy? In my opinion it is a different craftsmanship.

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Get more out of Bamboo with Docker – Part 1

If you search in Google for Docker and Bamboo and skip the Atlassian links, then you will find numerous links on how to create a Docker container for a Bamboo remote agent. Nice to know but what is the advantage of doing that? A remote agent that can be started and destroyed quickly? But you are still limited to the number of remote agents allowed. In my opinion, there is a far more powerful way of using Docker with Bamboo.

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Atlassian add-on development: Why we started over and chose for Cloud

Last year we started working on a new add-on for Atlassian JIRA. After months of work we decided to drop everything and start over on a relatively new platform, JIRA Cloud. This was a radical decision that definitely kept us up at night. This short story is about this decision.

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Cross-platform certificate access with Cordova part 1 – Android

Recently, I have been working on a project concerning digital signatures. One very important part of this project involves setting a signature from a mobile device. Since our users are divided between iOS and Android, both platforms had to be supported. From the start of this project, it was clear that we would need to access some of the native functionality of both platforms. Continue reading

Safeguarding ambitious growth plans towards the year 2020

Recently, we got a performance benchmark assignment via one of our valued partners, a worldwide leader in IT research and advisory. One of their clients had very ambitious growth plans towards the year 2020, and was eager to know whether their main B2B trading platform would be able to handle their growth plans. The growth comes from both new business models and consolidation efforts of their trading platforms. Continue reading