A closer look at our Confluence Add-ons

About Confluence

Collaboration, sharing, discussions, documents, knowledge, wiki, intranet. These are some of the keywords people use when talking about Confluence. Confluence started out as a wiki-like system but it goes a lot further than that these days. We’ve seen it (or installed it ourselves) in many different forms, like (social) intranets, public websites, knowledge bases or just a place to store documents. With Confluence it is easy to create content, to share it, to find it and to breathe life into it. Besides that, it’s easy to customize or extend Confluence and it’s openness allows you to do just about anything you like with it.

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Scaling Agile in the Enterprise

Summit13Atlassian Summit was a while ago already. It was during the event that I presented a way to implement the Scaled Agile Framework in JIRA. The full video of my talk can be found in the Atlassian Summit archives.

During my Summit talk, I discussed three enterprise challenges when scaling Agile; process and documentation culture, underestimation of planning effort and managing a complicated infrastructure. There certainly is a lot to say on all three topics!

In this blog post, I would like to dive a bit deeper into the planning effort when scaling agile and how to track progress by using Atlassian JIRA.
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Confluence 5.4 released

Confluence 5.4

Yesterday, December 3rd, Atlassian released Confluence 5.4. The main highlight of this new minor release is better integration with JIRA and JIRA Agile. JIRA, in combination with JIRA Agile and Confluence, now offers you full traceability of your Scrum process.

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Projects in JIRA. Why?

At Avisi, I have been working with JIRA since 2007. We are using JIRA for many different processes, like sales, marketing, financial control, etc. As a developer I am used to work, think and track issues in projects. But when you want to track a business process in JIRA, the term project all of a sudden becomes a problem.
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Introducing Confluence Questions


Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.01.54 PMIt happens a lot, you get interrupted by questions from fellow colleagues by chat, by email or just them walking by. It’s normal honestly, you have answers and they need to know. But what if you could share your answers with the rest of the organization? Here is where Confluence Questions comes in. Answers to your questions, behind the firewall (probably on OnDemand soon too).

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My top new add-ons from Atlassian Summit 2013

Summit13Here it is, the blog post I promised about the coolest new add-ons released during Atlassian Summit 2013. To be clear, these are the add-ons I personally found most interesting and also had time to look into.

They are either entirely new add-ons or they offer significant new features for the existing ones.
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Summit 2013 announcements

Mike announcing Service DeskToday was the big day for Atlassian Summit 2013 with the opening keynote where all the big announcements were made. Co-founders and co-ceo’s Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes traditionally open the summit and this year they had yet again cool stuff to announce. Here is a brief overview of the all new things announced. More in-depth analysis of all the new stuff is coming over the next couple of days.

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Avisi @ Atlassian Summit 2013

Summit13 Avisi is attending Atlassian Summit in San Francisco this week. A week full of announcements, meeting other add-on vendors and experts and talking to users of the products. It will be an exiting event!

The week started on monday with an experts day where experts were given a preview of the big announcements of today. See keep tuned to see all the cool announcements on this blog later this week. And we wouldn’t be a real technical company if we didn’t try out the new stuff that is coming already.

So stay tuned!

Meet the new JIRA: JIRA 6 available today!

WhatsNew_Hero_JIRA6_407x248Modern. Fast. Mobile. Simple.

JIRA 6.0 is a completely new JIRA.  The redesigned look and feel brings a whole new user experience to JIRA. It is modern and simple, clearing away the clutter so that you can get your work done faster.  It’s also mobile so you can stay connected to your project on the go…

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