About Gert-Jan van de Streek

Owner and Engineer at Avisi, Arnhem, The Netherlands

SSE without Jersey

Sometimes you are not working on the edge of technology. For example when you have to add something to a project that has not been touched for over 4 years. Or when you are integrating with a product that uses not so up-to-date library dependencies. This is where this blog post starts: in JIRA, with an ancient version of Jersey. And I want to implement Server Side Events (SSE). Ready? Continue reading

How a Drip Feed helps Increase Your Add-on Sales


Most of our Atlassian add-ons started out of frustration. They solve problems that we have internally, or they fill blanks in the Atlassian products. Preparing these add-ons for others to use came as an afterthought. Finding a way to sell them came… after that. Little did we know about marketing and such, but we took it as a challenge and we are learning about what works and what does not. Here’s the story about our drip feed. Continue reading

TostiTalk (TM)

We talk to a lot of upcoming talent from the local university. Sometimes we’re impressed, but a lot of times we realize that there is still a lot of ground to cover for these youngsters. We also know they need to eat at some point during the day. So, we can’t help but jump in and spend our lunchtime talking about stuff we’re excited about and stuff that we know can help them make a big leap.

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