Confluence 5 is coming!

Atlassian is launching new versions of their worldwide used tools, Confluence 5 and JIRA 6. So what is it bringing and is this interesting enough for you to upgrade?

Confluence 5

In this blog we’ll update you on what’s Confluence 5 is going to bring.

Automagic theming
One of the first reasons why people choose to style their Confluence is because it isn’t sexy enough. Of course there are tons of plugins out there that help you do this and once you’re done it looks awesome. Now we want to upgrade our Confluence and… it all breaks! Theme plugins are based on styling that is present in the current Confluence version which may be gone when a new version is out. Our advice; keep it simple! With the automagic theming your Confluence instance will adapt to your company logo!

One thing that will become the same in all the Atlassian suite products is the header. It’ll become easy to switch between products.

Responsive editor
Increased speed means increased productivity. Confluence 5 makes your editing experience faster than ever by instantly loading the editor when you click Edit on any page. Forget about waiting for a full page refresh. For those who want even more speed, type the keyboard shortcut key E to start editing a page.

One of the biggest improvements to the editor that you’ll notice in Confluence 5 is its flexible design. A new responsive toolbar and footer maximizes your editing space no matter what size your computer screen is. As soon as your browser window reduces to a certain size, the buttons in the editor toolbar will shrink, as will the footer of the editor. – perfect when projecting your screen and taking notes during meetings.

The sidebar will make it easier for your users to navigate your space hierarchy and access important links within the space and other related applications. Administrators will be able to add arbitrary links to the sidebar and modify space settings from the sidebar.

No more plugins needed to create menu’s yourself! Within the sidebar you can create your own navigation. Confluence pages or redirects to for instance your payroll application. You can tweak it however you want.

Include Excerpts Across Spaces

Another big win is the ability to use the Excerpt Include Macro to include excerpts of content from other spaces. When you are searching for pages in the Excerpt Include dialog, Confluence will also dynamically suggest pages that are located in different spaces. This is huge for teams with centralized dashboards, or reports in Confluence. Now you can create a page with your team dashboard and include excerpts from projects or reports in other spaces.


Using an older version of Confluence? Using lots of plugins? You want your own plugin that’s not on the marketplace yet? Hey we’re Atlassian Experts! Let us help you, either with a new installation, (security) configuration, migration, integration, upgrade or plugin development. We can do it all. Just send an e-mail to or have us let you call back by filling in the form on

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