About Gert-Jan van de Streek

Owner and Engineer at Avisi, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Feel the pain

Some software development teams are so perfectly balanced that more work comes out than the sum of the work of the individual members. It’s a team of skilled experts, that get the most out of themselves and bring out the best in others. If you are invited to join such a team, expect to feel pain. The pain of trying to keep up with the pace of the team. The pain of others trying to push you to heights you did not reach before. The pain of raising the bar for yourselves.

If you manage to hang in there though, the pain becomes gain. You learn, you get better at everything and the team becomes even better, just because of you.

System intolerance

In the systems integration field we often encounter systems that more or less frustrate the integration process. An example is a system that sends confusing messages or messages that clearly violate interface definitions. Requests to the owner of that system to fix those messages might result in improvements that work out better for everyone, but are often ignored and you will just have to deal with it. What are the options? Continue reading

Praise is an issue type

Issue trackers most often contain issue types, like ‘Bug’ or ‘Feature Request’. These are about stuff that is wrong, or stuff that is missing. I would like to introduce an issue type called ‘Praise’. Use it when you feel a developer has gone the extra mile to solve a problem, or to compliment on a new feature that shines!